Beartooth, Pennywise, Bury Tomorrow, Sondaschule, Stick to Your Guns, Svalbard, Fjørt, Shadow of Intent, Landmvrks, Bleed from Withim, The Badoon Show, Terror, Grade 2, Scowl, Good Riddance, Brothers Till We Die, Kassogtha, Must be Wrong, Annie Taylor, The High Times, Akne Kid Joe, Carson, Nofnog, Save Your Last Breath, Path of Resurgence, Flo Lebeau, Glaascats, Smorrms

Millencolin, Electric Callboy, Itchy, Talco, Swiss + Die Andern, No Fun At All, Callejon, Infected Rain, Schmutzki, The Ocean, Brutus, Any Given Day, Malevolence, Nekrogoblikon, Ghostkid, The Peacocks, Insanity61, Comaniac, Paleface, Hunted Like Thieves, E-L-R, Fluffy Machine, Freezes Deyna, Kabuki Joe, Safe State, Moment of Madness, Mamba Bites, Cage.

2021 (Benefizfestival) im KIFF
Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Promethee, Defenver, Überyou, Mindcollision, Nofnog, Hellvetica, Sickret, Selbstbedienung, Expellow, Simia Sapiens, Deconvolution, Lifecrusher.

Enter Shikari, Skindred, Thy Art Is Murder, Caliban, Sick Of It All, ZSK, Less Than Jake, Ignite, After The Burial, Knöppel, Siberian Meat Grinder, Crystal Lake, Monkey3, CKY, Vale Tudo, Promethee, Überyou, Virvum, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Hellvetica, Unhold, Jack Stoiker, Invoker, Strained Nerve, White Dog Suicide, Lifecrusher.

Clawfinger, Royal Republic, Agnostic Front, Donots, Comeback Kid, Dog Eat Dog, Nasty, Northlane, Jinjer, Arcane Roots, Counterparts, Get The Shot, Adhesive, Sickret, Defender, Lyvten, Expellow, Simia Sapiens, Nubia, Small Thanx For It.

Turbonegro, Anti-Flag, New Model Army, Terror, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Eskimo Callboy, Cellar Darling, Long Distance Calling, Broken Teeth, Insanity, Ephedra, Mindcollision, Final Story, Nofnog, Crystal Ball, XII Gallon Overdose, Pascal Geiser, Bob Spring & The Calling Sirens, Deconvolution, Crane’s Legacy.

Hatebreed, Shakra, Stick To Your Guns, Itchy Poopzkid, J.B.O., Caspian, Rise Of The Northstar, Born From Pain, De Staat, Vale Tudo, Selbstbedienung, Taped, Defender, The Vibes, Ricky Harsh, So Wasted, Slimboy, Rusted Guns, North Alps, Mavo.

Danko Jones, Architects, Peach Weber, EAV, Scream Your Name, Nasty, Promethee, Tim Vantol, Atlas Losing Grip, First Blood, No Mute, White Miles, Bitch Queens, Walking With Ghosts, Amongst Pariahs, Heinz De Specht, Kendy Toms & The Red Boots, Crystal Rose.

Heaven Shall Burn, Truckfighters, Deez Nuts, Philipp Fankhauser, Tito & Tarantula, Blues Pills, Vale Tudo, Shadows of Defeat, Strained Nerve, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Black Space Riders, The Intersphere, Rude Tins, Monkey 3, Marathonmann, More Than A Thousand, Roadmaster, Tired Old Men, The Schefin.

Gojira, Agnostic Front, Audrey Horne, The Sorrow, Henrik Freischlader Band, The Answer, The Haverbrook Desaster, Promethee, Breakdown Of Sanity, Crystal Minds, Face The Front, Sexy, Überyou, Gloria Volt, The Nutcutters, SanySaidap, Slam & Howie, All in 1, Hamp Goes Wild.

Boy Sets Fire, Madball, Unearth, MXPX Allstars, Philipp Fankhauser, The Order, Earthlimb, Long Distance Calling, Surfaholics, Some Kind Of Noise, Zodiac, Henchman, Stranded Heros, Vale Tudo, Delilahs, Bluesaholic, The Jive Pumpkins, 3SIX9, Rusted Guns.

Bad Religion, Strung Out, Shakra, Live/Wire, Misconduct, Death Before Dishonor, Motorjesus, Scream Your Name, Silent Circus, Dreamshade, Arma Gathas, The Blackout Argument, Deliver, Your All Time Favourites, The Vibes, The Sunwashed Avenues, Hathors, Babes of Glory, An Làr, The Holy Members Club.

No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Sylosis, Stiller Has, Streetlight Manifesto, The Dreadnoughts, Goodbye Fairbanks, Final Prayer, Breakdown Of Sanity, No Authority, Several Minutes Later, Steem, Animal Instinct, Caterpillar, The Fires, Hej Francis!, Julian Amacker, The Music Monkeys, Dow Jones.

Mad Caddies, Martin Jondo, Los Fastidios, Kafkas, The Sorrow, Treekillaz, Delicate Plug Sockets, No Mute, Dogs Bollocks, Trickshot, The Vibes, Rude Tins, Alaska, M-Day, Angel Maria Torres Y Sus Ultimos Mambolleros, Tennessee Four.

No Fun At All, Cataract, Dr. Woggle & The Radio, Solid Ground, Slimboy, Frakuency, Angry Bastard, The Hype & The Sunset, Gustav & Son Lonely Heart Attack Band, Wyna West, Hamp Goes Wild, Honigmilch.

Sick of it all, Neaera, The Robocop Kraus, Elvis Jackson, Two Tone Club, Harmful, Big D & The Kids Table, Zero Mentality, Alaska, Hellmute, Leech, Zamarro, Karaoke From Hell, Popa Chubby, Wynavalley Oldtime Jazzband, Bluesmax & Das Restrisiko, Trio Euter, Marama.

Shai Hulud, Parkway Drive, Blackmail, Stiller Has, Born From Pain, Favez, Skalariak, Bombshell Rocks, Remembering Never, The Accident, The Fuckadies, Plenty Enuff, Freakuency, Bluesaholics, Handsome Hank & His Lonesome Boys, Red Shamrock.

No Use For A Name, Nguru, The Scrucialists feat. Phenomden, Uncommonmenfrommars, Cataract, Useless ID, Guadalajara, The Movement, Rude Tins, Michi Gerber, Ueli Schmezer’s Matter Live, Pippo Pollina, Philipp Fankhauser.

Death By Stereo, Caliban, Satanic Surfers, Voice of a Generation, Favez, Destiny, Undeclinable, Mighty Roots, Persiana Jones, Kalles Kaviar, Superspy, Polo Hofer & The Alpinistos, Ray Wilko, Fingerpoke.

Anti-Flag, Poison of the Well, Favez, Whysome, Fusion Square Garden, Open Season, Skaramouche, Scaramanga, Glen of Guiness, Bluesaholics, Corazòn Latino, Andreas Baer Trio Plus One.

Frenzal Rhomb, Sofa Surfers, Gigi Moto, Phébus, Nguru, Gideon Soldiers, Dodo Hug, Hanery Amman, Zach Prathers Blues Band.

Randy, Walkner.Möstl, Favez, Shedrock feat. New Land Band, Kinds of Cases, Ganges, Be Against Everything, Wazomba, Skaladdia, Skafield, Martin Schenkel, Swiss Old Time Session, Funkology, Exbluesion.

Lunik, No Fun At All, Stiller Has, Guz, Lunazone, The Failures, Peacocks, Mighty Roots, Prisma Dehli, Bluesaholics, Flagstoff, The Pint.

Allschwil Posse Core, Pasta del’ Amore, Ursus & Nadeschkin uvm.

Subzonic, Lovebugs, Double Pact feat. Déborah, Steve Withney Band, Lazy Poker Blues Band uvm.

Stiller Has, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Core, Gurd, Leech, Lunazone uvm.

Ear, My Mars, Fleisch, Eugen, Teachers & Preachers, Unique, Rock 66, The Wildcastle Dixielandband uvm.

Hös’nÖhr, Hellmute, Endstation, Mutha’milk.