Cage Interview (ENG)

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1. For the people who don’t know you already, who are you, what do you do (musically) and why should everyone check you out?

We are Cage and we do whatever we want (musically and in general). But I guess you could call us as a (hardcore) punk band, although we don’t really know what we are doing most of the time.

Please, don’t check us out!

2. This is your first time playing Open Air Gränichen. Still, do you have memories of the festival from other years, maybe as visitors or otherwise? 

I (Stefano) have been here twice before. The first time when Architects was playing and the last time when Enter Shikari played. I remember it as a smaller and cuter version of Greenfield Festival which I actually prefer. The vibes are much more chill here.

3. What can we expect from you at Open Air Gränichen 2022

Nothing and everything. But mainly nothing.

4. Punk, Metal or Hardcore? What (or who) gets you hyped up the most in anticipation of Open Air Gränichen 2022?

We’re just looking forward to having a good time and drinking lots of beers [This most definitely is going to happen, we promise. – Ed. Note].

5. What is (after Open Air Gränichen of course) your second favorite Festival in Switzerland and why?

Stefano: Bad Bonn KILBI; I grew up with the KILBI. It delivers an amazing line up each year and has really cool vibes.

Melvin: Abyss Festival; it’s like our baby that we put a lot of work and thoughts into [For those of you who don’t know, we highly suggest you check out Abyss Festival! Situated at the beautiful lake of Gruyère and bringing an amazing mixture of international hard hitters and local heroes on stage (much like we do), it takes place from 23-25.06.2022. – ed.note] .

6. Tent, Camper or staying up all night partying in the Hawaii bar?

Probably staying up all night and then finish the evening with les conneries.

Cage sadly only have one (1) video on youtube, you just have to listen to the music, I guess.

7. Rabenbrau or Mörder, Anker or Berliner Luft, Schüga or Ingwerer? 

All of them. At the same time. 

8. A beer the next morning to counter he hangover, kebab for breakfast or SxE – how do you survive a festival without having to deal with a headache the whole weekend? 

Wake up, feel miserable, get some overpriced food, feel bad but nourished, have a beer (not in this particular order).

9. You’re playing a cover set – which seven songs are we gonna hear?

1. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

2. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

3. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

4. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

5. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

6. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

7. Bad Brains – Right Brigade

10. The last words are yours:

Nothing matters, everything is temporary. Climate change is real. 

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