Mamba Bites Interview (ENG)

Zum Beitrag auf Deutsch geht’s HIER lang.

1. For the people who don’t know you already, who are you, what do you do (musically) and why should everyone check you out?

We are MAMBA BITES – Jess, Teo and Lucie – 3 chicks playing fresh punk rock. Our music is a kind of mix between energetic, loud and pop punk rock. If you like bittersweet, you should check us out. 

2. This is your first time playing Open Air Gränichen. Still, do you have memories of the festival from other years, maybe as visitors or otherwise? If not, what is your favorite memory of any festival ever?

Lucie Cat: I had to check but my first time at Gränichen festival was in 2006! I was 17 and I came to see Parkway Drive live. I remember the shitty weather 🙂 

Teo Apple Pie : My best memory is at Punk Rock Holiday; stage diving like the liberty statue at the Bad Cop Bad Cop gig ahaha. 

3. What can we expect from you at Open Air Gränichen 2022

 A L’Oréal publicity 

This is not a L’Oréal Ad but it could be.

4. Punk, Metal or Hardcore? What (or who) get’s you hyped up the most in anticipation of Open Air Gränichen 2022?

Punk Rock and Hardcore 🙂

Brutus, Malevolence, Paleface and our friends Fluffy Machine. 

5. What is (after Open Air Gränichen of course) your second favorite Festival in Switzerland and why?

Difficult to chose but the House Fest at Nouveau Monde in Fribourg: made by friends for friends.

6. Tent, Camper or staying up all night partying in the Hawaii bar?

Hawaii bar before going to our tents.

This is how us and Mamba Bites and everyone at Open Air Gränichen 2022 will look after one night in a tent.

7. Rabenbräu or Mörder, Anker or Berliner Luft, Feldschlösschen or Ingwerer? 

Team Gin-tonic, gluten-free beers and Migros Ice Tea 🙂

8. A beer the next morning to counter he hangover, kebab for breakfast or SxE – how do you survive a festival without having to deal with a headache the whole weekend? For an alternative: What is the perfect food at a festival?

Being young and never stopping (but water can save lives). 

9. You’re playing a cover set – which seven songs are we gonna hear?

1.Brutus – War

2. Fluffy Machine – Greg’s song 

3. The Flatliners – Eulogy 

4. Hole – Celebrity Skin

5. The Loved Ones – Jane 

6. Off With Their Heads – Clear the air 

7. The Bouncing Souls – Lean on Sheena 

8. Beyoncé – Halo 

10. The last words are yours:


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